Thursday, November 3, 2011

an open letter to whoever makes stocking decisions at the stores around here

To whom it may concern:

I try hard to keep our house relatively organized.  This is not easy when any attempt at organization is constantly undermined by three people under the age of twelve, and occasionally undermined by the resident adults.  

There is one organizational item that I disproportionately love.  That item is the holiday color coded bin: the big orange and black tubs you can put Halloween decorations in, the red and green ones for the Christmas decorations, etc.  This is essential when you have an attic completely jammed with all sizes and colors of plastic bins full of kindergarten art projects, baby clothes, high school yearbooks, your sister's sewing machine, cases from CDs you no longer listen to, and the like.  If you don't have color coded bins, you never find all the holiday stuff until the holiday is good and over and you are searching for the stuff for the next holiday.

(the ubiquitous bin*)

Okay.  So fine, I spend my $7.99, I get the appropriately colored bin.  Except no.  You stock the orange and black bin before Halloween.  Now, we are into red and green bin.  But I don't want to buy a red and green bin on November 2nd, or an orange and black bin in mid-September.  I want to buy an orange and black bin NOW, when I am putting the screeching bat, blacklight bulb, and leftover spiderwebs away.  This seems entirely logical to me.  But apparently, not to you.  In order to have my fancy color-coded bins, I have to instead anticipate that I will have exactly 2 large tub's worth of costume junk, decorations, and the like, that don't fit into any previously purchased tubs.

Because the orange and black tubs are impossible to find now, in my moment of need.

And for that, I hate you.


P.S.  I would never, in a million years, think of calling it a "storage tote."  So you could use a little re-phrasing on your website as well.

*I finally found my bin online, here, after hours of searching.  It was more expensive than the same bin at Target or Home Depot in September, and I had to pay for shipping.)

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