beach house to do list

The "A" List - CODE ORANGE
  • General cleaning
  • Launder all linens and steam-clean all upholstery
  • Remove any curtains that are moldy, replace as money permits
  • Paint solarium
  • Paint/waterproof exterior of house
  • Replace damaged/missing boards on deck
  • Replace plexi-glass above dining room to eliminate seams and any leaks
  • Septic Tank evaluation
  • Prune all dead wood out of trees in front and back yard (can be used as firewood)
  • Build platforms for tables that are "in the weeds"
  • Paint living room walls
  • Paint living room trim
  • Replace moldy drywall
  • Make a decision about the ceiling
  • Implement decision about the ceiling
  • Slip cover for disgustoid white couch Purchase new couch
  • Replace drapes in living room
  • Remove dirty orange carpet; may need to replace/refinish flooring underneath
  • Deep cleaning – clean out all closets, dispose of old useless junk
  • Spackle all cracks and nail pops and repaint as necessary
  • Replace broken doorknob in solarium

The "B" List - CODE PEACH

  • Plant flowers
  • Power-wash deck and waterproof
  • Check all outside lights and purchase appropriate (i.e. not gaudy) lights
  • Paint kitchen
  • Fix kitchen cupboards – remove metal doors, add knobs to cupboards and drawers
  • Buy new microwave
  • Redo pillars in living room
  • Wallpaper orange bathroom
  • Check all doors, windows, etc. to make sure everything is closing up tight and waterproof 

The "C" List - CODE WHITE

  • Replace dining room chairs that are horribly uncomfortable
  • Re-pitch roof to prevent standing water
  • Replace any damaged pilings underneath house
  • Fill dirt below house to increase level and prevent standing water (consider filling with sand to aid in drainage)
  • Clean out old wood and other crap underneath the house
  • General painting and decorating of kids rooms – bunk beds??
  • Replace greenhouse window in kitchenthat has a busted seal

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