The contents of my google reader, for you to enjoy. 

A Practical Wedding.  This is a great blog which actually discusses the marriage part of weddings.
Offbeat Bride.  If I am really honest, I like this one mostly for the pictures.  But sometimes I really enjoy the articles too.  It kind of sounds like I am talking about Playboy here, but I swear I'm not.  Although you should check out their wedding porn.

Family and Parenting
Project Subrosa.  Reclaiming mommyblogging.  If you'd like to call it that.
rockstar diaries.  Yeah, can you believe I read a lifestyle blog written by Mormons?  I do.  Just don't tell anyone.
Crappy Pictures. If you have small children, this will crack you up.  In fact, if you have ever seen, babysat, or been thrown up on by a small child, it will crack you up.

Young House Love.  Young people, doing what I can't wait to do -- making an old house their own by renovating it!

The Happiness Project.  I mean, who doesn't want some more happiness.
Quiet.  A blog for and about introverts.  Like me.
Three Rivers Anthology. A great blog, written by a fantastic writer with self-depreciating humor that will make you smile.  It will also make you think about your life (in a good way).

Ha ha
Hyperbole and a Half.

Yum yum
Fleur de Sel.  Delicious treats I never muster the energy to make but love to read/dream about.  Her hubby is a lucky man.  Also, good thing I gave you the link, because if you try to find it again via google, you will scroll through approximately 1,800 pages of crap and never find it.  You're welcome.