(a snapshot of me, in the city I love to hate)

I'm Erin.  A few years ago, I graduated from law school and moved from California to New York City, then on out to the suburbs, to live with my wife Kathy and her three funny children (A, B, and C - ages 11, 9, and 7).  We just got married this August. 

In 2011, I quit my job as a Biglaw associate in the middle of a recession.  I stayed home for a year and spent my days baking muffins and riding ponies, despite assuring everyone I was about to figure this "career" thing out at any minute.  Now, taking another crack at the lawyer gig, I spend my weekdays surreptitiously blogging between billable hours in a beige square on the 19th floor of a different Manhattan office building, and my weekends working in the garden and renovating our bright orange Fire Island house, where we got married.