Monday, February 27, 2012

first days

Last Thursday, I started at my new law firm.  The first day, as can be expected, consisted mostly of training and orientation activities.  Afterward, there was a cocktail party -- which apparently happens relatively regularly.  By the end of a four our technology training, I was dying to go home, but I felt like I should go to the cocktail party -- especially since it was my first day. 

The cocktail party was fun.  But I missed my friends, from my old firm.  It felt strange to be at work functions without any of my work people.  When I stood at the cocktail party, I was literally dizzy with the information I'd absorbed throughout the day -- names, passwords, policies, all swimming together.  But still, the party was nice, and I found I was enjoying myself.

The second day was a bit more like an actual work day.  I had orientation activities for about an hour, then had actual work to do.  It took me a good 30 minutes to figure out how to make a copy, and another 30 to figure out how to save a document to the document management system, but other than that, the day was uneventful.  I was able to find my office, and the ladies room.  Kathy made me a bag lunch to bring, like Harrison Ford makes for Melanie Griffith at the end of Working Girl. 

Although it seems too early to form a real opinion, I figure that it's probably a good thing that the day was uneventful.  I would think there would be cause for concern if there were already issues, given that I have only been at the new firm for two days.

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