Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I had planned on not writing any more.  To be honest, some of the allure of blogging had worn off when I realized I was no longer as anonymous as I thought.  I found out several months ago that the higher-ups at my old firm had somehow become aware of the existance of the blog, and the thought of them rifling through my relatively private thoughts, a discussion of my vulnerabilities, etc. left a bad taste in my mouth. And as a result, once everything went through the filter of what I would want them to read, I found I didn't have much left to say.  I tried to write a few times since then, and failed.

But, in reality, I missed it.  I miss it.  So.  Perhaps we will call it a lapse and see where things go from here.  Hopefully they have all moved on with their lives and were lulled into a false sense that I wouldn't write anymore based on my months of silence.

In case you're a reader who doesn't know me personally, hello, I've missed you, and I'll give you the briefest of updates, all in terms of facts and figures, although it doesn't say much about what life is like on a day-to-day basis.

Because I like blog posts better when they have pictures,
here is one from London (see update number 2, below)
even if it's a complete non-sequitor. 
Anyone who can explain it is invited to do so.

1.  Everyone's a year older. That means I'm 31, A is 12, B is 9, and C is 7.  Kathy is also a year older, but I am strictly prohibited from disclosing her age.

2.  The FI house weathered Sandy relatively well, although I was in London (finally) visiting my sister when Kathy went out to check our our house of orange.  No major flooding.  I can't even tell you how frustrating it would have been to have spent all of last summer frantically working on fixing up the house, only to have it destroyed by a superstorm, or hurricane, or whatever it is they are calling Ms. Sandy nowadays.  Although I must confess, writing this makes me feel a bit like I belong in one of those Mitt Romney jokes ("If your home is in the path of Sandy, evacuate to your second or third home immediately!")

3.  Kathy and I are married.  And both our now officially the Mrs. Hs. Whoop whoop!

4.  Have you noticed it's another freakishly warm December?  That means that last weekend, I once again experienced the joy that is putting up our outside Christmas decorations in the rain.  We did all the decorations in one weekend, due to an ill-timed child custody schedule.  I got zero bruises this year man-handling the ladder (woman-handling?) but one gigantic bruise shutting my own leg in the car door at the Christmas tree lot.  WTF.

5.  The month of November was my busiest month EVER AS A LAWYER, meaning that the only two days where I did not bill time were Thanksgiving day and one day while I was in London, which I spent sleeping off a pretty killer jet-lag/hangover combination.  It took me an entire week of relative slacking to bounce back from the burnout, but now, with visions of law firm bonuses in my head, I am gearing up for a busy December as well (no December dodge for this girl, especially since our associate-bonus year starts in November).

More to follow, I hope...

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