Monday, September 26, 2011

i finally want a job

Okay.  It's finally happened.  Nearly six months, to the day, from the time I quit my Biglaw job, I WANT A JOB.  I love what I do at home.  I love my garden, and keeping the house ticking, etc, etc.  But it's time to go back to work again.  This weekend I actually spent a period of time playing something on, which I'm pretty sure is directed at children.

Castle Defense Game

(specifically, this castle defense game)

I was bored, for the first time in ages.  My mind was bored.  So, I think, it's time to get me a job.

Not only that, I'm surprising myself by wanting to practice law again.  At first, I thought that this meant I dismissed the law too quickly, didn't think it through enough when I quit, and things of that nature.  However, the more I think about it, the more I think I knew myself exactly right.  Six months ago, I could NOT practice law.  Jumping right into a different legal job would probably have resulted in me hating the new legal job as much as I hated the old one.  I needed a decompression period, to heal a little bit from how much I hated my old job.  The fact that it has take me six months to get there actually shows how well I really do know myself.  SIX MONTHS to get over a bad job.  That has to be some kind of record.

And so, I'm exceedingly grateful that I had these six months.  Now to work on finding a legal job I love in one of the toughest legal job markets in history.  That should be comparatively simple, right?

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