Thursday, April 5, 2012


Next week, we'll spend the entire week in our brand new-to-us house on Fire Island (which does not have heat!  Lots of snuggling will be required!). 

Our goal: to begin to change it from this

to something a little more like this.

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We're going for a look that's a little less Rocky Horror Renaissance Creamsicle and a little more Classic Beach House.  Here's to a sea-inspired palette, natural fibers, and outdoor showers.
On the agenda for the week -- steam cleaning all the existing upholstered furniture, ripping up the dirty orange carpet off the stairs to assess what's underneath, choosing a color for the exterior, and painting that bright orange living room.  If we're way ahead of schedule (haha, when does that ever happen with home improvement projects?!) we might even get started painting our all-white kitchen.  I'll bring along the camera, so you can expect lots of before/after shots.  You might even get some action shots in there along the way. 

See all the beach house design ideas (and the sources for the inspiration shots above) by following me on Pinterest.

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