Thursday, October 4, 2012

live long, and prosper

I have mentioned before that we love Star Trek (the Original Series) in our house.  I thought I might emphasize this fact with a few examples of our over-the-top Star Trek loving.

1.  A photo me, as a Vulcan.  This was Halloween last year; I didn't just dress like this for no reason.  Although I would.

2.  Another, for good measure.  I tried not to smile the whole night, since Vulcans don't really have emotions.  I mean, technically, they do, they just don't acknowledge them.  Which is what I went for.  I am pretty sure I failed miserably though.  A recently told me that I could not really be a Vulcan, because who ever heard of a Vulcan that cries.  I had to point out that really, Spock was only half-Vulcan.

3.  Our entire family has imaginary roles, were we ever to find ourselves on the Space Ship Enterprise, as follows:

Kathy: Command
Erin: Science (and first officer -- see costume above)
A: Communications (she talks a lot.  I mean, a lot.)
B: Medical (she loves biology and all animals, including her classroom's pet cockroaches)
C: Engineering (he has already tried to invent wings for our '99 Jetta constructed of chicken bones and tin foil)

I daresay we would be pretty well-equipped.  We just need approximately 435 more crew members, including someone to take the "navigational" role, since Kathy and I have both established it is not our area of strength.

4.  Something I just purchased for our kitchen nook, to the very great excitement of the family:

(These are Kirk and Spock salt and pepper shakers, though sadly,
Kirk can't really stand up on his own; he needs to lean on Spock. 
Although I suppose that was true on the show,
as well as in the world of my salt and pepper shakers)

5.  The new name of the House of Orange -- Enterprise.  A lot of the houses in Cherry Grove have names with puns, and we thought this would be cute since we love Star Trek, and also, the house has proven to be quite an enterprise.  We are going to get a little sign made for it, which, of course will have a subtitle underneath, which reads "Live Long, and Prosper."

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  1. I am really good at navigation. Just sayin'...