Friday, October 29, 2010



Thank you, Meg, once again.  While strolling through your archives, I came across the observation that "you really don't want to write a negative blog, as you will get a negative readership, and that's a heck of a lot of energy to put into creating more negativity in the world."  What a nice reminder.  So.  Here's to trying to take all of the things I would ordinarily just complain about, and make them into a positive inspire-change type thought. 

By the way.  I know everyone is sick of emoticons.  But I love them!  Especially the smiling ones.  So there! :-) (see how that emoticon tranformed the "so there" from nasty to kind of teasing?)

* * *

Update, 11/3/10:  I found another smart lady talking about the same thing (toward the end of the post she talks about positivity and blogging specifically).  How great is that?

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