Tuesday, June 7, 2011


B's birthday was on Sunday.  She is now eight years old.  This is really crazy to me, because when I met Kathy, B was in preschool.  That year, she bossily told Kathy that she was going the wrong way to her preschool.  Even though she was only 4 and had no idea how to get to her preschool.  For her eighth birthday, we got her a black and white hamster.  She said she would have named it Bob if it was a boy, but when we told her it was a girl, she decided to name it Cutie.  So we have a hamster named Cutie.  I would post a picture, but Cutie lives next to B's bed, and it's after bedtime so I can't just go snapping pictures.

I know everyone with kids is always all "blah blah blah they grow up so fast, etc."  But it is actually true, they do.  When I met C, he was in diapers and ate out of a bottle (only once a day, but still).  Now he can read short words, and write sentences like "I lik my but.  I wat to tak my butl." ("I like my beetle.  I want to take my beetle.")  And don't even get me started on A, who is graduating from 5th grade next week, and will then (1) have a cell phone, (2) be able to stay home alone for short periods, and (3) be a middle-schooler, and, therefore, insufferable.  Also, she is nearly as tall as I am and has a size 7 foot.

So anyway.  It really is shocking, but they grow up so fast.  Blah blah blah, etc.

Update:  Some pictures of Cutie, since I know you were dying to see them.  Awwwww.

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