Friday, June 10, 2011

booked, for real

Last night, I wrote the post below. 
(Munich skyline)

Kathy has to go to Munich and London for work this summer. I am currently unemployed and we have a lot of frequent flier miles. What does this mean? I GET TO GO TO EUROPE for the first time since 2001. More importantly, I get to go to Europe for the first time since 2001 practically for free. To say that I am excited is a vast understatement. We booked our trip about 5 minutes ago, and I am bouncing off the walls. There is but one snag.

Things I can locate on a moment's notice

1. My University of California law school student ID (two versions, one with really short hair, one with chin-length bob).
2. Michigan driver's license (expired).
3. Past tax returns for each of the last five years, in order.
4. Vaccination records for Bella the Cat.
5. The invitation to my sister's wedding.

Things I cannot locate, after diligent search

1. My passport.

I have only a few days to find that bad boy, because if I can't track it down, I need to leave enough time to get a replacement. I'm just going to say that if I never fill my passport with stamps, it will probably not be from lack of travel, it will be because I have to order a new one each and every time I go anywhere.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning, we had a panic over the ancillary costs of travel when you are on a tight budget. And suddenly the trip was cancelled, and I deleted this post in a fit of dismay. Today, we thought some more and basically talked it out and planned a little more thoroughly, and it's back on, for real. 

And in case we needed a sign that this was the right decision, guess what I found.

Although my picture looks like this, so I don't know if  finding the passport is a blessing or a curse.

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  1. doesn't it expire soon anyway? that will solve the picture issue.