Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday, Kathy woke me up at 6:30ish.  Actually, I first woke up at 5:15 when she got out of bed but was too groggy to ask what she was doing.  Then I woke again at 6:15 and heard her typing in the office.  Then, she came in and said to me, "I think you should get up.  I think you should work out."

The thing is, when you have kids, the end of June is the end of the year.  And with the end of the year, comes obligation -- about a million obligations, actually.  Monday, I got up and went to C's class party.  I came home, took Kathy to the doctor, went directly to my horseback riding lesson, and went to the grocery store.  I got food for the week, plus food for A's graduation party.  I changed my clothes, and went to A's 5th grade graduation and the attendant dinner, which brought me pretty much to 9 pm.  I fell asleep on the bed waiting for Kathy to come in from the other room. 

Then, yesterday's schedule involved B's Coral Reef Day presentation and class party (from 8:30 to noon) then preparing for and throwing A's 5th grade graduation party -- which would go all afternoon and into the evening, between setting up, having the party, and cleaning up afterward.  So, really, 6:30 was the only time there was to work out.

After I emerged, sweating, from the basement, I thanked Kathy for getting me up.  Dragging me out of bed early is always risky.  "Ah, I knew it would make you feel better," she said.  "It seemed the least I could do, since your life is not your own."  There is that.

So, I hope you'll forgive the spotty blog-posts this week, but it is true that my life is not my own right now.  Really, once you have kids, is it ever your own?


  1. 5th grade graduation party??

  2. Isnt that crazy? And graduation. And trip to the Lion King. And class play. And class party sponsored by the school. Its nuts.

  3. haha - that was Kathy's comment above! She didn't realize she was logged in as me. Whoops. But it's true, the 5th grade thing is TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY OUT OF HAND around here. You would think these kids were off into the world, for all the big deal made out of it. We agreed to the party before we realized that for about a month, our entire lives would be taken over with parties, and field trips (mandatory parental attendance!) and the ceremony, etc.