Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Date Night: Home

(where we spent our date night)

Last night was supposed to be Date Night:  NYC.  We were going to start off the evening with meeting a friend/client of Kathy who was in from out of town, followed by dinner at a favorite West Village Italian restaurant (which I will not rave about in this post, because I'm sure it will be a date night post in the future).  Then, because it's the end of the month and we are on a budget, after all, we thought we better just head home after the client meeting.  Kathy promised to cook me a romantic dinner, and I was really looking forward to a cozy night in.

All day, Kathy had been complaining about not feeling well.  While we were out with the client, Kathy got a text that her son was throwing up.  Just at that moment, she had turned an unfortunate shade of green herself, and whispered to me "I'm going to puke.  We have to get outside NOW."

The fresh air staved off the nausea.  I got her in the car and drove us home.  On the way, while we were at a red light, one of New York's Finest knocked on my window and said "Is she okay?"  That's how bad she looked.  But we made it home sans vomit.  Hooray.

We settled in on the couch and watched some crazy show about superheroes that we've never seen before.  I made myself a frozen veggie burger and made Kathy toast.  I took her temperature.  We watched half of the State of the Union and fell asleep really early.

And it was actually a really nice date night.  Sometimes you need to nurture the relationship.  But sometimes, you just need to nurture the person.

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