Friday, February 11, 2011

Date Night: Friends, plus Upstate

Ha, I bet you thought we didn't have a date night this week because I didn't mention it.  But we did!  We just had it with two of our friends.  One was visiting from London, and one is a friend I work with.  We went to this favorite haunt for "a drink."


We like this bar because it has a decent beer selection (for me and Kathy), decent cocktails (for the friend from London) and decent food (for my work friend).  Then Kathy and I headed back to our neck of the woods and had snacks.  I do believe time alone together is important to a relationship.  And time alone, with your friends.  But also, time together, as a couple, with friends.  It's how you integrate into each other's lives.  It's also fun! 

But this weekend is where the real date night comes in.  I am actually usually against having date night involve any friends, or it slips away from us.  But given that our friend was in from another country, I thought we could make an exception.  Especially since we have a Date Weekend coming up.  This weekend, we are going upstate (one word?  capitalized?  I need a native New Yorker to advise on this please) to go skiing and stay at a hotel.  Away from chores.  Away from work.  Away from other people.  And with each other. 

Happy early Valentines day to us!  I promise to post pictures of me falling on my ass and getting stuck in a tree expertly swishing down the mountain.  Sorry to say, though, no heart-shaped hot tub.  We are on a budget, people.

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