Friday, March 18, 2011

Erin, unplugged

(Electric car plug-in pictures via Aptera)

Some things are better when plugged in.  I am not one of those things.  Electric devices make me feel all weighed down.  For example:

Cell phones.  All of my friends and family know that I am a notoriously bad cell phone user.  It is never charged, and when it is charged, I have the ringer turned off because it kind of annoys me, and only seems to ring at embarrassing moments.  I tried to hold out on even getting one, but then I got in a car accident and found myself stranded in the snow for hours while I was in college, and caved.

TV.  I hate TV.  I don't like the commercials, I don't like the noise, and I don't like most shows.  For years in my early twenties I did not have a TV, and when I moved out after my divorce, the TV-free apartment I lived in was such a relief.  I would be fine without one now, but I am outnumbered in my house and hence, outvoted.

The Blackberry.  My work blackberry has been thrown at a wall so that it broke into four pieces and put back together.  It has been strangled (if that is possible) when it wouldn't stop buzzing and blinking that damn red light at me.  I have glowered at it with a seething hatred I didn't know I was capable of.  It represents the constant, instant access that means that as long as I had this job, I never had a moment of peace.

Maybe I am old fashioned.  My mom once told me that I have always been old, even as a small child.  She said to me, "You were a pretty baby, but you were never cute in that way.  You always looked and acted kind of old for your age."  Is this what it means to be an old soul?  Maybe.  I know all this technology is supposed to be a good thing, but what ever happened to peace and quiet?  What happened to being able to enjoy an afternoon, blissfully unavailable to the demands of other people?  All I know is that in exactly two weeks, I get to return the detested Blackberry to the firm.  It's like becoming Erin again, instead of 24601.

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