Thursday, March 24, 2011

S words

Maybe because my life is so fragmented right now, with quitting the job, family drama, friends in from out of town, etc., etc., but this is how my brain is functioning today.  Scattered.

Snow.  Can you believe there was accumulation when we woke up this morning?  I am convinced it is because I tried to plant the spinach last weekend.  I hope it survives.

Skirt.  This morning, I wore a grey pencil skirt.  I purchased it in high school.  Isn't that ridiculous?  It fits a little differently (ahem, tighter) but sometimes I get so much pleasure out of a great purchase.  A grey knee-length pencil skirt seems like something I will be able to wear until I die.  Although then maybe I will be like those little old ladies walking around in those polyester pants with the seams up the front of the leg, when I am wearing a skirt purchased in 1997, when it is 2075.

Stuff.  How has my little office accumulated so much STUFF in a mere three years?  And thanks, document retention rules, I can't go with my gut and just put all this crap in a dumpster.

Sigh.  I am going to go deal with the crap in my office, until someone comes to find me and dump another non-billable project on me, since I am the only associate in the department no longer concerned with my billable hours.

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  1. Uh.. I'll take "Swords" for $400.

    It's actually not "Swords" these are words that begin with "S".


    tell me you've seen that.