Wednesday, December 7, 2011

our gay apparel

This morning, I was driving home from dropping A off at school, and I heard on the radio that a schoolteacher in Michigan tried to change the words to "Deck the Halls."  She had her confused elementary-aged kids singing "Don we now our bright apparel."  Oh, Michigan.  You do a sister proud.  What was she afraid of?  Did she think her second graders were going to rush out and put on gold Speedos and hiking boots, because "Teacher said we should don gay apparel"?

(Gay Apparel.  As an aside, I had a roommate after college who would sometimes mow the lawn
in his gold speedo.  Our next door neighbors, Butch and Dan, asked if I could take over
the lawnmowing duties full time, because my hiking boots weren't as "distracting"
as his gold speedo when they were sitting on their front porch smoking cigarettes mid-afternoon. 
Personally, I think I looked dead sexy in those boots and my blue shorts.)