Friday, December 2, 2011

the worst chore

I have never much minded cleaning toilets.  That is why I was shocked, when playing a game called "the worst chore" at my sister's wedding shower eighteen months ago, that cleaning the toilets topped everyone's list of horrible chores.  It doesn't take all day like doing laundry does.  It's not never-ending like doing dishes.  It doesn't require interacting with people who seem to hate their jobs, like grocery shopping, going to the drugstore, or stopping at City Hall.  It is kind of gross, but it takes all of two minutes and doesn't have to be done that often.

Yesterday, I was cleaning our house.  I got to what we call the "middle bathroom," which is the bathroom mostly used by people who visit.  Because of the great basement redo, we had one adult male and three pre-teen or teenaged males living in our house off and on for a couple of weeks now.  Cleaning the middle bathroom, I was horrified to discover that, with such people in your house, cleaning the toilet requires actually wiping someone else's dried urine off of the rim to the toilet bowl.   As I armed myself with bleach-spray and pushed up my sleeves, I had a sudden flash of sympathy for all those straight women at the wedding shower and their toilet cleaning revulsion.

I have never been so glad to be a lesbian in my entire life.

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  1. Ha, I've never minded cleaning toilets either. Besides, once you've cleaned toilets at your job--and had to wipe way more disgusting things--you can do anything.