Thursday, May 26, 2011

kinda soon

So, all in all, I consider myself a pretty smart person.  But there is one thing I cannot manage to keep in my head.  A schedule.  Kathy has told me at least 1,000 times what we are doing this weekend, and how all the logistics are going to work out.  I do know that tomorrow we are headed to Kathy's college reunion (no, I won't tell you what year) and that we are going out to Fire Island Saturday through Monday.  That's it.  Those are all the details I can remember.

Today, I went down to the garage to drop off our car to see if we can get it fixed before we leave for our weekend plans.  When the garage guy asked me when we needed it back, I was completely stymied.  Were we supposed to drive somewhere to meet her college roommates (a.k.a. our carpool buddies) tomorrow?  Don't know.  If so, what time are we leaving?  I think in the morning, sometime, sorta early.  Could we pick it up Saturday in between Providence and Fire Island?  Are we even coming home on Saturday?  Beats me.

Kathy, understandably, gets really frustrated by this.  I can keep song lyrics in my head after hearing a song once.  I remember everything she has EVER said in a fight (usually a direct quote).  I can rattle off all of her passwords after hearing them once, and probably her social security number.  But I cannot, for the life of me, keep our plans straight. 


In the end, I just had to tell the garage man that I had no idea when we needed the car back, but I was sure it was "kinda soon."  I'm sure he appreciated all the helpful guidance and will push us right on up to the top of the list.

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