Saturday, May 7, 2011

Springtime in New York

Yesterday, Kathy and I got a chance to experience what Spring is about in the city (for us, anyway).

Sitting outside for happy hour!  Kathy actually hates sitting on the street (she thinks it's weird how everyone keeps walking by you all the time, and looking at you -- she would prefer a roof deck or something) but I love it.

Something that was odd, though, was that there were a lot more kids in the bar than I would expect, even for the Upper West Side.  It wasn't a restaurant/bar either, just a bar.  When Kathy was waiting in line for our drinks, someone cut in front of her to ask for two waters for her kids.  The bartender was running around and was super busy, so she told the woman that she would have to wait a second for the water, since she was washing glasses.  The woman said, "It's okay, you can give me my waters in plastic cups."  [Insert eye-roll here.]

Having kids ourselves, we tend to be more kid-friendly than others, but in this case, we are not.  There are some places kids belong (like Disneyland).  A pub on the UWS during happy hour on a Friday is not one of them!  First, because the bartender is busy, and no one wants to wait for their drinks while you get a bunch of waters for your kids.  And second, because there are some places that adults, even parents, go to get away from kids.  I would characterize the bar as one of those places.

A general rule that I try to follow is that if there is no kids' menu, they are not really inviting kids.  I'm going to go ahead and guess that most bars-that-are-not-restaurants do not have a kids' menu.  If they do, that's an entirely different issue.

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