Friday, April 22, 2011

city mouse

(Remember these Little Golden Books?)

Me:  Do you ever wish we still lived in the city?
Kathy:  No.  That's not the answer you expected, is it?
Me: Not really, no.  I guess I can tick that one off the worry list; I thought you were going to want to go back.
Kathy:  You mean like get an apartment?  No.  We can still go out in the city, we just go home now.
Me:  Hm.  Well, I was kind of worried that later, once we don't have kids, you were going to want to move back.
Kathy: Well, I didn't say I wouldn't want that. 
Me:  It's just that I would be desperately unhappy if we went back. (Not melodramatic or anything, am I?)
Kathy:  Well, then, I don't want to go back.  But do I seem unhappy here?
Me:  No, it's not that.  You just seem so much more lit up when we're in the city.
Kathy:  Lit up?  You mean animated, or drunk?

Now, even if I meant drunk, I can't very well say it, can I?

Me:  I meant animated.  You know, lit up.
Kathy:  Well what is there to be animated about out here?  You want to go skipping down main street?  Wheee!  Want to go by another house?  Another one?

And this is why I love her.

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