Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Kathy working

The last two days, Kathy has worked from home.  Despite my best attempts, she has steadfastly maintained her position that just because I quit my job, it doesn't mean that she has.  Which means, UGH, she has to actually work when she works from home, not just hang out with me all day.

So today, I sat down at my laptop in the office to write this, and ended up instead just sort of surfing the web.  Kathy got on a work call.  I swear, she has spent half the call laughing. 

We have been under inordinate amounts of stress lately, due to some, um, issues in our family life.  There has been lots of love, but not a lot of laughing.  Hearing her laugh on the phone with her client has actually just made my day.  She likes to complain a lot about her job, but she actually loves being a lawyer.  She might not like some of the crap that comes with working at a law firm, but she does love being a lawyer.

Erin working

At the same time, my sister sent me a Groupon for a writers' workshop in NYC.  I was initially a little interested.  I read some of the workshop descriptions and the excitement quickly changed to a feeling somewhere between nausea and dread.  They wanted to critique my writing.  As in, other people read it, and tell me what's wrong with it.  This is the SOLE REASON I have never, in my life, taken any kind of writing class.  That whole sit-in-a-circle-and-read-your-stuff-aloud-while-other-students-tell-you-what-sucks thing.  There has to be another way to learn, doesn't there? 

Then I thought, hey, maybe I can sign up for that workshop on business writing.  Except for how I already know how to do that, and need to learn creative writing.  Panic.

Which, of course, means I should probably do it, huh?  But I'm not going to.  Because I have given myself a month off, and fully intend to hide behind it.  And besides, do those writers' workshops even help?

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  1. Actually love I think you should do it. You write really well and you should go in with confidence but everyone, everyone, could use a little critique. Come home after class and we will decide which critiques are worth listening to and which are CRAP!